Conwy celebrates unveiling of first jester-in-residence for 720 years at recent naming ceremony

When you pay a visit to our Conwy camping holiday park don’t be shocked if you see a jester around the town. That’s right, Conwy’s first jester-in-residence has been unveiled since the 13th Century with a ceremony in the town to mark the occasion. Erwyd le Fol (also known as Russell Erwood), 34, was involved in a naming ceremony in the town’s square- the first of its kind for 720 years! The event was celebrated in true traditional fashion, with a host of medieval games, birds of prey demonstration, and a parade. Funded by the town’s chamber of trade, the new jester-in-residence will attend a multitude of functions wearing a hat with donkey ears. Following the ceremony Mr le Fol said: “It’s amazing. It’s phenomenal. To be the first jester of a town in 720 years feels unreal.” The history of the Jester in Conwy differs from that of the Court Fool as a Jester is actually connected to a place or role instead of being hired for individual events, a tradition that dates back to Edward I. If you want to find out more about the new Town Jester in Conwy then head over to: Image: INTVGene under Creative Commons.

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