6 travel hacks you will wonder how you ever lived without!

You want your holiday experience to be as little stress as possible. You’ve already made one step in the right direction by booking a stay with us here at Lyons Holiday Parks, but if you want to further reduce the stress when it comes to packing and finding certain belongings when you come and stay on one of our static caravan holidays, Wales then take a look at these cool ideas we have for you.  We’ve got some ideal little travel hacks that, once we tell you about, you will wonder how you ever lived without. Perfect to use before you head on over for a relaxing break on your holidays with us. Take a look and see if any of these can be used to make your life easier: Contact lens containers make perfect cosmetics storage cases

  • This is a great hack, very convenient and it also doesn’t just work for cosmetics either. You can use this tip for anything you see fit, but if you’re planning on a night out, say at a local bar, or restaurant and you want to have a little touch up on the make-up then containers for contact lenses are just the thing to save you taking the whole lot with you.

Forgot your speakers? Don’t panic!

  • If you fancy lounging in the sun and relaxing or firing up a BBQ for lunch but you can’t get your phone quite loud enough to sing along to then just place your phone in a dry, empty cup, mug, or tin for instant speakers and you can carry on hitting those high notes!

Buttons can be used for more than fastening things

  • Never again will you be endlessly scratching around on the floor or your suit case hunting for the back of your earring that just dropped into oblivion. Simply pop the earring through a button hole and click the back on to secure the jewellery to the button, creating a vessel for your beloved items of jewellery. This really is such a simple idea but how many of us have actually thought of it until now?

Straws can be used for more than just drinking through

  • Another convenient tip if you’re trying to avoid your necklace becoming all tangled up in your bag or suitcase. All you need to do is feed the necklace down the straw while it’s not fastening and then do it up once the necklace comes out the other end.

Wrap your dirty shoes up in a spare shower cap

  • If you’ve been exploring the local countryside, have kids who love running about playing games, or you’ve been to one of the local beaches, then this one’s going to be particularly helpful. Take a shower cap and place the soiled shoes inside the cap to keep the rest of your belongings muck free before you set off.

Roll up those clothes and use less space in your case

  • There’s been a long debate as to whether flat packing or rolling is the way forward. Well we’re siding with rolling, so just hear us out. It may well not be a hot off the press hack but it is certainly one for the guys who don’t normally pack their own bags and want to lend a hand this time! If you roll your clothes up you will create more space in your bag or case, therefore creating more room for relaxation and smiles rather than frustration when things don’t all go in!