Information about six week closure for parks in the Lyons Group

Well we have come to the end of another incredible season at Lyons Holiday Parks. We have had an unbelievably exciting year, from our superb star acts that featured at Lyons Robin Hood to all of the different events held by parks throughout the year. During the summer we also held several fundraising days across the group and we were able to raise an incredible £525. The parks are now quieter with everyone closing down their holiday homes for the shut down. Here is a list of all the things owners should be aware of during shut down: All of our Holiday parks (except Lyons Woodlands Hall) will be closed from Saturday 10th January at 4pm. You will need to have moved out of your caravans by this time and be off park. We will have security that will be patrolling the parks to ensure everybody is off by this time. If you wish to visit one of the Parks during the shut down or you have forgotten to do something, you can visit the park each day anytime between 10am and 4pm. When you visit the park you will be asked to sign in at reception. The barrier codes at Lyons Robin Hood have now changed so if you need to get through the barrier, please visit Reception. The electricity won’t be turned off however we do advise people not to leave anything in their fridges or freezers incase the power trips, as these will not be checked by security. If you have any other questions during the shut down period please phone you Park directly: Lyons Robin Hood: 01745 342264Lyons Lido Beach: 01745 855626Lyons Eryl Hall: 01745 582255Lyons Woodlands Hall: 01824 702066Lyons Pendyffryn Hall: 01492 623219Lyons Winkups: 01745 353936Lyons Mounds: 01745 857986 We will re open on the 1st March. We look forward to seeing you all again soon for another exciting fun filled season.

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