How to prepare your Static Holiday Home for Winter

Although we all wished Autumn could have lasted a little longer Winter has officially arrived and the noticeable drop in the temperature has been like a shock to the system. Now we are in November you need to think about preparing your holiday homes for winterization. Although this may seem straightforward, there is much more to it than just locking up your caravan for the winter. Follow Lyons Holiday Parks step by step process of how to prepare your holiday home for winter. To ensure your caravan is correctly disconnected from all power sources and that all caravans are correctly drained we suggest that you contact one of our authorized plumbers. This way you can ensure that your caravan is winterized correctly and will be in keeping within your insurance policy. Our tips to help prepare the interior of your holiday home:

  • Empty your caravan of all food, including your fridge, freezer and cupboards


  • Open all interior doors, cupboards as well as your fridge and freezer


  • Ensure all air vents are cleaned and cleared


  • Place salt bowls or silica gel around the inside of the caravan to help absorb any moisture.


  • You can place the furniture on its side and create tepees in order to allow the air to circulate evenly around the caravan


  • Pull your mattresses away from the outer walls


  • Remove all valuables from your holiday home, once you have done this be sure to collect one of our signs from reception and put it in the window as recommended by most insurers.


  • Check the exterior of the caravan for cracks and gaps to ensure no pests or bugs can get inside


  • Take one last walk around your caravan, checking all windows and doors are securely locked

Below is the list of authorized plumbers for each of our parks: Pete Ward: 07775606655 – Robin Hood, Lido Beach and Mounds Steve Mercy: 01745354574 – Winkups and Woodlands Chris King: 07964096728 – Eryl Hall and Pendyffryn
Preparing your caravan for Winter scene image from Lyons Holiday Parks

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