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Month: June 2014

18 Brand New 2014 Swift Holiday Homes just delivered at Lyons Holiday Parks

This summer we have a wide range of Brand New Swift 2014 Holiday Homes available. We have 18 caravans, 14 of which have already been delivered to our Parks. Swifts new flagship ‘Elegance Ranges’ take Holiday Homes design and construction to the next level and extends the choice to four ranges covering different budget levels.…

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Caravans Have Arrived on the New Development at Lyons Lido Beach!

For all of you that received our monthly newsletter you will already be aware that we have recently built a new development on our Lyons Lido Beach Holiday Park, called Mount View. This was a new build for 2014 and was completed in April. We have 11 bases in total consisting of two lodge bases…

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Lyons Robin Hood Annual 'L Fest' 2014 is Nearly Here!!

We have a great deal of quality entertainment planned for you, from water walker pools and BBQ’s to a spectacular performance by XFactor Finalist Danyl Johnson. This is a weekend you are definitely going to want to mark down in your calendar! Over each of the days we are going to be having all of our…

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We've Gone Football Crazy Here at Lyons!

Whether you’re a footy fan or not, you won’t want to miss out on this fabulous holiday home offer. With each goal England score you will get £500 off a fantastic selection of caravan holiday homes, with this incredible offer you can save up to £2000 off your holiday home! As well as this we…

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