Peace of Mind Guarantee

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee lets you plan for the future – without being caught out if the world stops spinning.

It’s been a long few months for us all. Holiday plans have been halted by closed borders: trips away with the girls quashed with quarantining.

So, this year, we don’t just think a holiday would be nice. In fact, we know that most of you are in desperate need of respite from everyday life. It’s time to take a break from home-schooling for refuelling, swapping a zoom call for a beach ball, and trading a marathon on Netflix for a week of family picnics.

But we also know that booking a holiday in 2022 isn’t as easy as that. We know people have certain anxieties, and the risk of losing deposits is off-putting. Even without furlough, redundancy, or reduced-pay packages coming into it, booking anything for 2021 may be considered a risky move.

What Are We Doing To Help?

We know it’s been tough, but we’re determined to give you all something to look forward to this year. Let us introduce our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

This guarantee protects you if you are unable to make your booking due to government or local authority Covid-19 restrictions. In short, you can pencil your summer holiday firmly in your diary – safe in the knowledge you won’t part with a penny if the world goes to pot.

You’ve all helped build Lyons into the proud, family-run venture it is today. In return, we’re dedicated to ensuring you all have something to smile about this year. With our Peace of Mind Guarantee, you can plan your year ahead as best as you can, without losing out if we all have to stay in! Read the section below to make sure you’re fully in the know before calling us on 01745 342264 to book your stay.

How Does The Guarantee Work?

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee works by protecting you against monetary loss in the event of Covid-19-related disruptions. Here are the primary scenarios we would like to highlight:

1. What if your parks are closed over the period I’ve booked?

If Lyons Holiday Parks are officially deemed as ‘closed’ during the time of your booking, you will either:

  • Have the option to change your booking to an alternative similar date (subject to on-peak availability)
  • Receive a Lyons voucher equivalent to the value of what you have contributed towards your booking. For example, your whole holiday in August might cost £400 but you may have only paid £100 by April. In this case, you will receive a Lyons voucher for £100 which is the amount you have paid.
  • Receive a full refund

2. “There are travel restrictions in place and I’m not legally allowed to travel to your park: what options do I have?

In the event of local or national travel restrictions prohibiting you from travelling to the park, you will again have the option of:

  • Changing your booking to a later date when hopefully restrictions will have lifted
  • Receive a Lyons voucher equivalent to the value of what you have contributed towards your booking
  • Receive a full refund

3. “I’ve tested positive for Covid and can’t make the booking: what do I do?”

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 from an authorised UK testing facility within 14 days from the first date of your booking, the following options will apply:

  1. Changing your booking to a later date when you are well and recovered from Covid-19
  2. Receive a Lyons voucher equivalent to the value of what you have contributed towards your booking
  3. Receive a full refund

You must inform the park at the earliest possible convenience, be prepared to forward a copy of your positive test result along with some identification via email and stay at home for the period allocated by Track & Trace.

4. “I’ve just been told I need to start shielding (again): do I need to cancel my booking?”

If you have been instructed by the government or local authority to begin/continue medically shielding and cannot make your booking, you will be able to:

  • Changing your booking to a later date when you are no longer shielding
  • Receive a Lyons voucher equivalent to the value of what you have contributed towards your booking
  • Receive a full refund

A shielding letter from a GP or authoritative body along with some identification must be provided.

5. What if the lockdown in Wales is lifted but England’s isn’t (or vice-versa)?

You will still be covered by this guarantee if you live in England and the country is under national lockdown while Wales is not. Your options are:

  • Change your booking to a later date when hopefully restrictions have been lifted
  • Receive a Lyons voucher equivalent to the value of what you have contributed towards your booking
  • Receive a full refund

When Doesn’t The Peace of Mind Guarantee Work?

We really do want to give you the best chance of chasing the sun in North Wales & Cumbria this summer. To do this, our staff are working extremely hard to ensure all standards are met and all policies adhered to.

But for this to work for those who really need Peace of Mind protection, we need to clarify some things our guarantee doesn’t cover:

Customers who have booked and merely want to change their booking for reasons non-Covid related. In the event of a ‘non-lockdown, non-restricted’ period our normal cancellation policy will apply

If you have not made your booking directly through Lyons or a third-party site. This includes private sub-lets from our owners.

What Type of Holidays Does The Peace of Mind Guarantee Cover?

This covers all holidays booked with Lyons Holiday Parks from March 2021 onwards. Furthermore, it applies to hot tub holidays, coastal holidaysluxury holidays and bookings at our countryside retreats.

The Peace of Mind Guarantee does not apply to private bookings. Because of this, you will not be covered by bookings that are made directly through an owner on a third-party website such as Gumtree or Facebook.

It does, however, apply to holidays booked through partner companies such as The Sun, or Hoseasons. In the event of national lockdown prohibiting you from travelling to park, please contact your booking provider as they will have their own policies in place.

How Can I Book A Holiday For This Year?

We are now taking bookings for the 2022 season at all of our hire fleet and touring parks. To do this, simply call our bookings team any day of the week on 01745 342264. Alternatively, you can click here to check availability and make a booking online.

For more information on our accommodation and what to expect, visit this bookings guide.

Here’s to a summer that we won’t forget – for all the right reasons!

A group of Zebras is called a Dazzle, and ZeZe certainly Dazzles with her hip dance moves and rocking smusic taste

The latest member of the Beach Buddies is ZeZe! After Leo, Milo and Hetty enjoyed the delights of Mombasa Beach and the Chalbi desert on their backpacking trip through Kenya, they made a friend in ZeZe, the sassy, rockin’ and dazzling Zebra. ZeZe has a natural flair for playing any instrument available to her and she loves writing songs for her friends. Much to the delight of Hetty who loves a boogie.

You can catch ZeZe at ZeZe’s Eco Fashion, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and ZeZe’s Birthday Party. Check the events calendar for more details.

Milo loves to tell jokes… “Why did the monkey take its banana to the doctors? It wasn’t peeling good.”

A cheeky-chappie who loves to joke, Milo is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING! You will often see Milo bounding around park, full of energy. Milo absolutely loves all things bananas; Banana bread, banana
cookies, banana milk! Milo’s favourite dance move is the “banana split!”, letting his creativity shine when he’s rapping and dancing, Milo loves joining Hetty in making up new, cool moves. The laughter never stops when Milo is around with his funny jokes, friendly pranks and infectious chuckle! Milo’s good-nature and zest for
life, means you just want to be around him all the time.

You can catch Milo at Milo’s Make a Mess, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and Milo’s Birthday Party. Check your parks event calendar for more details!

Cool and smart, Leo is definitely, the “mane” man!

Full of energy, Leo is a probably the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and he loves making new friends! You will often find Leo socialising with all his friends and hosting the best parties. Keeping active is Leo’s favourite way to spend his time! Leo will try any sport or activity from playing basketball and football to archery, becoming a master of them all! Smart, logical and grounded, Leo leads his Buddies, always thinking of games and exciting activities. You can’t help but smile when Leo is around.

You can catch Leo at Leo’s Sports Day, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and Leo’s Birthday Party.

Hetty always says, “I’m gonna hippo-pot-a-miss you!” When it's time to say goodbye

The quietest of all her friends with a big imagination, Hetty always has the most fantastical, creative ideas and believes that all dreams can come true! Hetty can often be found dancing around park and making up new moves with Milo for her friends to join in all her dances. Hetty loves all things colourful and covered in sparkles, her favourite colour is pink… all shades of pink! Baby pink, bubble-gum pink, flamingo… She loves them all! Kind-hearted and loveable, Hetty loves to meet new friends and giving them all a big hippo hug. You can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy when you meet Hetty.

Come and see Hetty at Hetty’s Sensory Play, Beach Buddy Showtime, Beach Buddy Pap Call and Hetty’s Birthday Party. Check your parks event calendar for more details.