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Fallout Reactor No 1

Some years ago there was a terrible accident in the old Rhyl power station. After fears that the fallout could have caused health issues within the community, the Local Authority decided to seal the building. After many years, the alarm has been raised after 3 teenagers who came across the old Reactor No 1 building have gone missing.

To this day nobody knows what lies deep within the plant, or what the Fallout has done to the workers of Reactor No 1. All we know is communications with “Alpha Team” were lost during the hunt for the missing teenagers.

Will you be the next member in the "Task Force" to help locate the missing teenagers?

We anticipate that other "Task Force Teams" may go missing, for that reason teams can only enter at their allocated time slot. Please ensure you check the time slot while booking before making your selection.

Lyons Robin Hood Holiday Park, Rhyl, LL18 3UU

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