Welsh Love Legends You Should Know About Before Valentine’s Day

“I broke my heart in five pieces And buried a part by the sea And I hid a part in the mountains And the third in the root of a tree, And the fourth I gave to a singer Who share his wild ecstasy, But the best I gave to a woman Who gave all…

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sea fishing

All You Need To Know About Sea Fishing in Winter

Sea fishing is not for everyone – let alone sea fishing in winter. But for some, venturing out onto choppy waters in the bitter winds for a decent catch is their idea of paradise.  But good catches tend to happen when most (sane and normal) people are safe in their beds, dreaming of those warm…

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The Most Instagrammable Spots in North Wales & Cumbria

Have you ever walked or driven past a landmark, taken a picture, and thought ‘yes, that’s one for Instagram?’ Sharing our love for what’s local has never been so popular – and this has been made ever-easier with the likes of photo-sharing platforms like Instagram and Flickr. Here’s our list of the most beautiful and…

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5 Cumbria Attractions To Add Some Mystery To Your Halloween

Most people think of the Lake District as a picturesque setting of fairy tales and long, breezy walks. But little do they know that this striking place of beauty is one of Britain’s most haunted landscapes. Cumbria’s vast, gothic topography creates an all-round eeriness – especially around Halloween. As we celebrate our favourite scare-fest in…

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Autumn Outside – Things To Do With Family In Your Local Area

This year has proved many things to us all: most notably, that nothing is more important than spending some quality time with the family. Secondly, just how breath-taking – and therapeutic – those local spots on our doorstep are. Thirdly…how sometimes, when the world has come to a standstill, it’s up to us to make…

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Buying a Static Caravan as an Investment

Are you seriously contemplating purchasing a caravan for investment purposes? If so, it can turn out to be a wise choice – and we’re not just saying that because we’re Lyons Holiday Parks. As the following content will help demonstrate, there  are several major advantages in the favour of buying a static caravan. It’s more…

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Where to Get Your Fix of Animals in North Wales

Did you know North Wales is home to dozens of species and creatures? Here’s a list of our favourites – and you can spot them too! All year-round, the stunning landscape of North Wales roams with indigenous animals, scattered along its coastlines, nature reserves and woodlands. But this year, the colder weather and winds aren’t…

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in North Wales This Autumn

Making the most of what’s on our doorstep has never been so important. It’s been a year of limited travel and of encouraged ‘staycations.’ So we think it’s about time local attractions and beauty spots are celebrated. This love for what’s local is why we’re bringing to you our top ten tourist attractions in North…

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Benefits of Buying a Static Caravan

Are you thinking about buying your very own static caravan? You may have previously stayed at a holiday park, loved the experience of staying in a caravan, and seen that these holiday homes are available to purchase. Well, if you want to take the next step and truly integrate into the static caravan life, you can…

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Family Fun

Why Are Hot Tub Holidays Making Such a Splash in the UK?

At Lyons Holiday Parks, we have noticed a significant upward shift in the popularity of hot tub holidays.   Not long ago, the Jacuzzi was an opulent luxury, the type only found within suites at a five-star hotel. Yet the situation has drastically changed thanks to the rise of the humble hot tub. The  elaborate…

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