summer holidays

A Guide to North Wales in the Summer Holidays

Beautiful beaches, a wealth of culture and miles of open roads to roam. Here’s all you need to know about visiting North Wales during the summer holidays… The global pandemic did one thing for North Wales – it put it on the map. Due to fears surrounding foreign travel, millions of Brits are planning on…

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beach holidays

Beach Holidays UK: Keeping The Bugs at Bay

Summer is here, and although the hot weather brings with it many joys, it also attracts a force of pesky bugs! Looking at beach holidays? Here’s how you can stay safe from biting bugs and insects… Although insect bites can be a pain in the arm (or leg, or wherever else!) the majority of insect…

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water safety

Water Safety Crash Course: Lyons Partners With Rhyl RNLI

North Wales is known for its beautiful coasts, lakes, and rivers. Enjoy them by all means – just remember these water safety tips! When we’ve been blessed with the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, there’s no doubt that we’re all keen to cool off. Many invest in ice cream makers, parasols, or state-of-the-art air-con devices.…

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Activities With Kids in North Wales: How To Go Rock Pooling Like a Pro This Summer

Uncover hidden gems and explore the beautiful coastline with the kids…all while learning about nature in the wonderful art of rock pooling! Holidaying in the UK, as we’ve recently discovered, is full of wonderful surprises. Well, we’ve honed into one nature spot in particular ahead of National Marine Week – the incredible rock pool! Rock…

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Top 10 Outdoor Adventure Activities to Enjoy in North Wales

Did you know North Wales is the adventure capital of the UK? It offers incredibly beautiful landscapes, a range of unique adrenaline-pumping activities, must-see attractions, making it the ideal location for a UK staycation! Here’s where you should visit on your next trip to North Wales: 1. Zip World Soar through the skies and fly…

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All The Reasons We Love Snowdon At Lyons Holiday Parks

Why Snowdon is the perfect place to visit this summer with the family! Explore nature, get back to basics, and soak up some local culture… Beautiful, magnificent Snowdon brings tourism to North Wales year on year, with over 360,000 walkers climbing to the summit annually. Snowdonia National Park is famous throughout the world for its…

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Countryside Corner: Exploring Ruthin In the Summer

With wonderful wildlife and walking routes, cute cafes and nooks to read books in, and plenty of history and culture, find out why Ruthin is a must-visit this summer… At Lyons Holiday Parks, we’re well-known for our beachside breaks. But what about our countryside escapes? Lyons Woodlands Hall in Ruthin sits among a mass of…

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Best Cycling Routes in North Wales to Celebrate National Bike Week

Forget ‘life in the fast lane’ as the world returns to normal: life on two wheels is the way forward! Join us as we gear up for National Bike Week alongside a wonderful discount location provider, The Bike Hub Rhyl… Show of hands: how many of us at some point during lockdown revisited a new…

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Touring & Camping To Go Ahead From This Weekend!

Summer is (nearly) here and the nights are getting lighter! It’s time to pack up, pitch up, and let the good times flow. There’s nothing quite like going back to basics, experiencing nature at it’s finest, and spending quality time with your loved ones without digital distractions. Well, we have some great news – Lyons…

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How To Make Your Summer Holiday Last Forever

Everybody wants a year-round holiday – with Lyons Holiday Parks, the summer holidays never have to end! Find out more about how you can vacation up to 52 weeks* of the year while owning your own slice of seclusion in the stunning North Welsh countryside. We all deserve a break this year, that’s a given.…

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