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The Most Uninspiring Places To Visit in North Wales

Forever bringing you inspiration, Lyons Holiday Parks have delivered a special edition this month. Here’s our list of the top ten most uninspiring, boring, places to visit in the region. Just because we fancied something different! Now April is here, we thought it’s about time we delivered some fresh, new content to fill you with…

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How To Holiday Safely in 2021 – The Year of The Staycation

From beachside breaks to countryside escapes, here’s everything you need to know on how to holiday safely this year. After the year we’ve all had, nothing sounds more appealing than a getaway to the coast. Having the freedom to explore untrodden paths and take in local culture will mean so much to us all. Although…

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International Women’s Day: Here’s Why Our Females in Senior Roles Mean Business

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” Reporter Beth Hughes on behalf of the Denbighshire Free Press sits down with Lyons senior management staff to discover what it’s like being a woman who means business in a man’s world. “Women are the…

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12 Things You Never Knew About Holiday Home Ownership

Here lie the secrets of holiday home ownership – from the good, the bad…and the brilliant. Interested in purchasing your own home away from home? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned owner enticed by knowledgeable promises within this article? Whatever your background, we’re here to spill the beans about what ownership with Lyons really means. The…

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Why Holiday Home Ownership Is Better Than Holidaying Abroad

Think a vacation abroad every year works out cheaper than holiday homeownership? We’re here to tell you otherwise… It’s The Year of The Staycation, and here at Lyons, we’re committed to bringing as much sunshine as possible into your lives this summer. We know many of you are opting to holiday here in the UK.…

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Welsh Love Legends You Should Know About Before Valentine’s Day

“I broke my heart in five pieces And buried a part by the sea And I hid a part in the mountains And the third in the root of a tree, And the fourth I gave to a singer Who share his wild ecstasy, But the best I gave to a woman Who gave all…

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A Guide To Holiday Home Site Fees

Prospective buyers: take heed. Current owners: spruce up your knowledge on what’s included in your site fees. Taking the leap into holiday homeownership is a worthwhile step – ask anyone who has had the privilege. Owning your own provides a year-round escape that’s well and truly yours. No check-out times, no jet lag, and most…

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UK holidays

Are UK Holidays Becoming Popular Again?

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a hold on global tourism. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ‘go on holiday.’ Say goodbye to jet lag, and hello to UK holidays… 2020 brought the world to a massive, uncertain halt. Many industries were negatively affected: the tourism industry one of the highest to lose trade. Thanks…

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Simba The Guide Dog’s First Pupdate!

Welcome to the Lyons family, Simba – someday you’ll be someone’s little king! During the last few months, the world has gone through some dramatic changes. The human race has learned to adapt, defy social instincts, and move in unison from life as we know it to the ‘new normal.’ When faced with such a…

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site fees

Holiday Home Lifespan: The Facts

A holiday home is more than just a place to make memories with your nearest and dearest: it’s a solid investment reaping plenty of rewards. Current holiday homeowners will know that the benefits of purchasing a unit far outweigh the costs. It offers the availability of year-round holidays at your disposal. And a little slice…

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