All The Reasons We Love Snowdon At Lyons Holiday Parks

Beautiful, magnificent Snowdon brings tourism to North Wales year on year, with over 360,000 walkers climbing to the summit annually. Snowdonia National Park is famous throughout the world for its mountains, wildlife, and cultural heritage, but with it being right on our doorstep here in Wales, we can sometimes take it for granted. Here at…

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National Cheese Day: The Brie-lliant Business Partnering with Lyons in 2021

Calling all cheese lovers -find out more about how Lyons is supporting local with this ‘grate’ venture for owners this season! You might have heard about our Discount Location Guide. This wonderful community incentive project provides owners with discounts at local businesses throughout the year. And aren’t there some treats in store for our wonderful…

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Best Cycling Routes in North Wales to Celebrate National Bike Week

Forget ‘life in the fast lane’ as the world returns to normal: life on two wheels is the way forward! Join us as we gear up for National Bike Week alongside a wonderful discount location provider, The Bike Hub Rhyl… Show of hands: how many of us at some point during lockdown revisited a new…

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Top 10 Outdoor Attractions to Visit in North Wales

Are you planning on visiting North Wales this summer? Here are our top 10 outdoor attractions the whole family can enjoy! Top 10 outdoor attractions across North Wales you can enjoy this summer as lockdown eases. Have you heard the great news? We have finally been given the go-ahead and are excited to welcome back…

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The Most Uninspiring Places To Visit in North Wales

Forever bringing you inspiration, Lyons Holiday Parks have delivered a special edition this month. Here’s our list of the top ten most uninspiring, boring, places to visit in the region. Just because we fancied something different! Now April is here, we thought it’s about time we delivered some fresh, new content to fill you with…

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10 Covid Safe Spots You Don’t Want To Miss This Spring

Looking for that perfect secluded spot for you and your family to enjoy this Easter? Here are our top ten most Covid-safe spots for you to access from any Lyons Holiday park site this spring. With the socially-distanced, crowd-avoiding year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that city break bookings are down and British rural getaways…

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6 Instagrammable Spots That’ll Make You Think You’re Somewhere Else in Europe

Unbeatable views. Local heritage. Endless mountains to master and boundless shores to roam.  When you have access to the beautiful North Welsh landscape, what reason do you have to go abroad to say, Europe? We know you’ve all missed hopping on a plane and jetting to lands beyond, but why not try something new? In…

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Where Will The Lyons Life Take You?

Find out where you can claim special Lyons ownership discount across venues in North Wales & Cumbria… 2021 is the time for us to help make your small world bigger. What better way to help broaden your horizons than creating a list of local recommendations. With last year well and truly behind us, we’re now…

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10 Reasons Why The Coast Is Good For You (And Your Soul!)

Hippocrates coined it “thalassotherapy.” We call it vitamin-sea. Whatever you dub it, it’s not just the beach-air and sunshine. Being near the coast can work wonders on your soul. There’s nothing like that first visit of the year to the beach, is there? The sense of profound freedom you feel when you see the lapping…

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Discount At Regional Venues & Attractions – Love What’s Local

We know it’s been a tough year for local businesses. This is why at Lyons Holiday Parks, we’re looking forward to a brighter 2021 and ways in which we can help a community that matters. 2020 has been strange – for some, unthinkable. But we choose to rise from the ashes of our generation’s most…

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