Discount At Regional Venues & Attractions – Love What’s Local

We know it’s been a tough year for local businesses. This is why at Lyons Holiday Parks, we’re looking forward to a brighter 2021 and ways in which we can help a community that matters. 2020 has been strange – for some, unthinkable. But we choose to rise from the ashes of our generation’s most…

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winter walk

Your Guide To Winter Walking In Wales

Winter is a time for cosying up in front of the fire with your new pyjama set and a cup of hot cocoa, or following up Christmas festivities, right? Wrong. Winter here in Wales offers amateur and keener walkers alike a chance to immerse themselves in crisp, clean air and the beautiful snow-capped mountains. Wherever…

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sea fishing

All You Need To Know About Sea Fishing in Winter

Sea fishing is not for everyone – let alone sea fishing in winter. But for some, venturing out onto choppy waters in the bitter winds for a decent catch is their idea of paradise.  But good catches tend to happen when most (sane and normal) people are safe in their beds, dreaming of those warm…

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Lyons Partners With Toybox Appeal To Make Sure North Wales Kids Have A Cracking Christmas

‘Father Christmas Is A Key Worker’…And No Child Should Be Exempt From His List. If this year has taught us anything as a population, it’s that life can sometimes force our hand and put us in situations we never thought we would be in. The real value of kindness, consideration, and not just thinking but…

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10 Cutest Ways To Make Your Bonfire Night At Home Explosive

Although it’s upsetting that we can’t marvel at huge bonfires and go on fairground rides with our friends, we know that by staying in our snug houses we’re helping to stop the spread of coronavirus. Huge crowds, having to share your candy floss and toffee apples, and long queues to the hot dog stand? No…

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Half-Term Craft Projects To Keep The Kids Entertained

We know that things are a bit different this year and that having the kids off school for a week or two during October may not feel like it usually does. But there’s still fun to be had at home! This is why we’ve brought to you some brilliant ideas to keep the kids occupied…

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Yummy Halloween Snacks To Make At Home

You’ve got the costume crafted, the decorations are done and dusted…now it’s time for the eerie Halloween snacks that will give you the spooks. As gruesome as these food inspiration ideas may sound, they’re all edible – and rather yummy! These will definitely go down a treat with your little devils and you may even…

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Halloween Decoration Station

Stuck for ideas on how to haunt up your house this Halloween? Don’t fret, we have some spooktacular ideas that will transform your October home into a little den of horrors… 1. Eerie Egg Carton Bats Start saving your egg cartons because we’ll be showing you how to transform these into tiny terrifying pets! Take…

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Super Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

With everything going on this year, splashing out on a brand new Halloween costume for the little ones that they won’t fit in next year probably isn’t at the top of your list. So we’ve brought to you a list of super simple (and awesome!) costujme outfits, using materials that you can easily get your…

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Health Benefits of Hot Tubs 

You don’t need a health expert to tell you that you never feel better than when you have had a soak in one of Lyons’ Holiday Parks top of the range Hot Tubs. These social spas are a great way of unwinding, relaxing, and catching up with your friends or partner.  But did you know…

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