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Discover the wonderful world of holiday home ownership

Turn your dreams of endless holidays, cherished memories and everlasting friendships into a reality with our buyers guide.  Our guide will take you through everything you need to know about ownership. See below our full guide, or click the links below to jump straight to the parts you need information on. And of course, if you have any questions our friendly team are more than happy to help. Just give our friendly ownership advisors a call on 01745 362020

Discover the right location for you

As an owner, you’ll have the privilege of returning to your holiday home as and when you please, meaning you’ll want to choose a park that’s as convenient as it is charming.

With 20 parks in the most desirable locations across North Wales and the Lake District, whether you’re raring to go or ready to relax, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, all our parks are unique and dotted in the best destinations, from blue flag beaches to countryside escapes.

Consider the following factors to find a park that suits your needs:

  • How often do you intend to visit
  • The park experience and facilities
  • The local area

Book an ownership park visit

To get a feel for what it would be like to own a holiday home on one of our parks, we recommend you visit the park(s) you’re interested in, and discover all about the lifestyle that ownership could bring, and provides you with an enjoyable, relaxed and informative visit, where you can ask as many questions to our experienced team, from matching your needs to teh right caravan with your budget in mind, to taking you through all the finer details so you are fully informed if you decide to join the pride.

  • The journey to the park – making the journey will give you an idea of the length and complexity of the route. Can you imagine yourself making the trip multiple times and can friends and family easily get to the park too?
  • Access – if you have mobility issues or small children, the terrain and size of the park may be a factor to consider. As you explore, you’ll learn if the park will work for your needs.
  • The atmosphere of the park – this will depend on time of year you visit so you may also need to think about seasonality here.
  • Places around the park – are there enough dog walking areas for the furry family member? Are there attractions nearby if you like to explore? How far is it to the nearest town, village or beach and can you walk to it?
  • On-park facilities – you’ll be guided around all the facilities during you visit and you could always factor in some time to enjoy some of them while you’re there. Availability will vary by season and park, so please ask the park team about what you can do on the day when arranging your visit..

Understand the costs

So you’ve done the exciting bits; looking into the wide range of holiday parks available, had a look through the range of caravans and lodges for sale, where you might be considering a type of layout or features you would like, you may have even booked your park visit, and now you’re considering what information is important to you, an no doubt costs will be high on your agenda. To help you gain some information before you visit, we’ve put together some frequently asked topics that come up that the team can ellaborate on further during your visit or even over the phone.

Annual site fees

Site fees are payable in advance of the season start on March 1 each year. Site fees start from £2,995 and vary based on pitch location and park. Water rates are included in your site fees when you buy a holiday home with Lyons. The annual site fees cover the cost of your holiday home at your chosen park and include:

The cost of your caravan

The cost of your chosen holiday home will include siting and connection, and our team can take you through the affordable finance packages and breakdowns with you.

The running costs

Like a regular home, you’ll need to pay for gas and electricity, but at Lyons we cover the water rates so no need to worry about them. Below are some of the bills you may need to think about:

Try before you buy!

Experiencing life as a Holiday Home owner before you purchase has never been easier. Maybe you’ve had a park visit and now want to spend more time on park to reassure yourself it’s the right park for you. Maybe you want to make sure it’s suitable for everyone in the family, and want to explore the surrounding areas.

Once you’ve stayed, and you decide to purchase your holiday home with us, we’ll double the value of your holiday and deduct it from your chosen holiday home.

  • Holidays up to the value of £500 (£1,000 total)
  • Applies to holidays between 01.03.24 and 30.06.24
  • Offer ends on the 31st December 2024.


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Need help?

Purchasing a holiday home can be a huge decision that can benefit your life in many ways, but if you have any questions about ownership then our friendly team will be available to assist you whatever the query. Or why not take a look at our handy guides below.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes of course! However, this will be guided by the size of your holiday home and plot availability. New development areas only allow for new holiday homes. 

Yes our parks are all dog friendly. All we ask is that owners ensure their dogs are kept on a lead at all times and waste is disposed of appropriately. 

Yes you can sublet* your new static caravan. New static caravans that have mod cons and specs, naturally become more attractive if you intend on subletting, and our owners have managed to earn substantial amounts through subletting. *Subject to Holiday Park

Every park has a 20 year age limit that starts from the date of manufacture. Once the holiday home reaches 20 years of age the park manager will inspect the unit. As long as they are happy the unit meets health and safety standards, along with park standards, then the park operator will be happy for you to remain on the park. The caravan will then be inspected on a yearly basis or before should there be concerns. 

Absolutely, holiday home ownership is all about enjoying time with friends and family building memories together. 

It all depends on which park you’re at. We range from 7.5 month seasons to 12 month seasons.

Unfortunately as a non-residential park, all holiday homes must be vacated for a short period each year. Please contact the park directly for further details.

For 100 years, Lyons Holiday Parks have been delivering memorable family holidays, from short breaks to endless holidays with holiday home ownership, and now boasts 20 parks across North Wales and Cumbria. Every year we welcome back over 4000 owners to the Lyons family, some who have been with us for over 20 years.

As a family run business for 100 years, family is important to us. When you become an owner at Lyons, you become part of our family. That familial feeling is what we pride ourselves on. Becoming an owner at Lyons is the start of forming lifetime friendships with the Lyons community, and creating memories to cherish forever.

We have listed our opening dates for holiday home owners below.

You may occupy your holiday home for up to 60 consecutive days at a time, however, we are unable to accept mail which has been addressed to you at the park.

Please remember your holiday home cannot be used as your primary residence and proof of residence will be required when you purchase.

Lyons Robin Hood 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Winkups 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Oakfield 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Lido Beach 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Mounds 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons St Mary’s (lodge) 12 All year round
Lyons St Mary’s (touring) 8 1st March – 31st October
Lyons Abbeyffordd 7.5 21st March – 31st October
Lyons Lyndale 7.5 21st March – 31st October
Lyons Kingsley 7.5 21st March – 31st October
Lyons Eryl Hall 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Woodlands Hall 11.5 1st March – 14th February
Lyons Pendyffryn Hall 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Manor House 12 All year round
Lyons Snowdon View 10.5 1st March – 10th January
Lyons Sunnysands 8.5 1st March – 12th November
Lyons Caerelwan 12 All year round
Lyons Moelfre View 10.5 1st March – 7th January
Lyons Tyddyn Goronwy 7 1st April – 31st October

A static caravan is a lifestyle investment, not a financial investment. Static caravans depreciate at a similar rate to cars. Owning a static caravan as a holiday home is about lifestyle, jumping in the car on a Friday after picking the kids up from school and making every weekend a holiday, or simply escaping the rat race and having an escape where you can choose your pace.

With monthly repayments from as little as £239 a month for endless holidays, it’s cheaper than paying for a 7-night holiday abroad…

With flights and package holidays soaring in price in the last 2 years, according to data from a 7-night getaways to Greece last summer costs an average of £867 per person, this means it would cost £289 a month for a family of four over 12 months for just 1 week holiday, that’s not considering any additional costs like airport parking, additional luggage charges, transfers, the list goes on

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A group of Zebras is called a Dazzle, and ZeZe certainly Dazzles with her hip dance moves and rocking smusic taste

The latest member of the Beach Buddies is ZeZe! After Leo, Milo and Hetty enjoyed the delights of Mombasa Beach and the Chalbi desert on their backpacking trip through Kenya, they made a friend in ZeZe, the sassy, rockin’ and dazzling Zebra. ZeZe has a natural flair for playing any instrument available to her and she loves writing songs for her friends. Much to the delight of Hetty who loves a boogie.

You can catch ZeZe at ZeZe’s Eco Fashion, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and ZeZe’s Birthday Party. Check the events calendar for more details.

Milo loves to tell jokes… “Why did the monkey take its banana to the doctors? It wasn’t peeling good.”

A cheeky-chappie who loves to joke, Milo is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING! You will often see Milo bounding around park, full of energy. Milo absolutely loves all things bananas; Banana bread, banana
cookies, banana milk! Milo’s favourite dance move is the “banana split!”, letting his creativity shine when he’s rapping and dancing, Milo loves joining Hetty in making up new, cool moves. The laughter never stops when Milo is around with his funny jokes, friendly pranks and infectious chuckle! Milo’s good-nature and zest for
life, means you just want to be around him all the time.

You can catch Milo at Milo’s Make a Mess, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and Milo’s Birthday Party. Check your parks event calendar for more details!

Cool and smart, Leo is definitely, the “mane” man!

Full of energy, Leo is a probably the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and he loves making new friends! You will often find Leo socialising with all his friends and hosting the best parties. Keeping active is Leo’s favourite way to spend his time! Leo will try any sport or activity from playing basketball and football to archery, becoming a master of them all! Smart, logical and grounded, Leo leads his Buddies, always thinking of games and exciting activities. You can’t help but smile when Leo is around.

You can catch Leo at Leo’s Sports Day, Beach Buddy Pap Call, Beach Buddy Showtime and Leo’s Birthday Party.

Hetty always says, “I’m gonna hippo-pot-a-miss you!” When it's time to say goodbye

The quietest of all her friends with a big imagination, Hetty always has the most fantastical, creative ideas and believes that all dreams can come true! Hetty can often be found dancing around park and making up new moves with Milo for her friends to join in all her dances. Hetty loves all things colourful and covered in sparkles, her favourite colour is pink… all shades of pink! Baby pink, bubble-gum pink, flamingo… She loves them all! Kind-hearted and loveable, Hetty loves to meet new friends and giving them all a big hippo hug. You can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy when you meet Hetty.

Come and see Hetty at Hetty’s Sensory Play, Beach Buddy Showtime, Beach Buddy Pap Call and Hetty’s Birthday Party. Check your parks event calendar for more details.