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Exciting Activities to Do at Night in the North Wales

Even after dusk, some cities are abuzz with activities. North Wales is one of them, and is known to have the best nightlife in the country. There are plenty of clubs, pubs and spectacular cabarets to help you prolong your night. Here are some activities that visitors should consider partaking in at night. Paddleboarding For…


Tired from walking? Here are 5 top coffee stops in North Wales

North Wales isn’t just about glorious landscapes, stunning seafronts and sore feet after a long day’s walk, there are plenty of quiet cafe’s and coffee bars to keep your energy up throughout the day. From cosy seafront coffee shops to quaint tea rooms, here are five local (non-chain) coffee shops to try when you are…


Fun Things to Do in North Wales

There is a lot to see and do in Cardiff. However, if you go just a bit further north, you will discover a huge array of fun activities in which you can engage during your holiday. Whether you want to stroll along the coast or experience some Celtic heritage, you can do it all here.…


Why Lyons Holiday Parks Is Perfectly Situated

Five Unusual Places to Visit in North Wales North Wales is known for its excitement, adventure and stunning locations which are sure to send adrenaline into overdrive. If you’ve been lucky enough to buy a static caravan at the impeccable Lyons Holiday Parks; you could not have picked a better location. The breathtaking North Wales…


Best Villages to Visit in North Wales

North Wales has been the UK’s prime tourist destination for centuries. It has a great history, rich culture and lots of natural wonders from mountains to beaches, rocky outcrops to forests and everything in between. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, there is no better place than heading to North Wales for a…


Truly Scrumptious Holidays in North Wales

Why not celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July in a Lyons Holiday Park static caravan in North Wales? The range of Lyons Holiday Park locations mean you are never more than a stone’s throw away from not only an amazing choice of beautiful beaches, but some fantastic ice cream parlours as well. What could…


Superb Photography in North Wales

Whether for private pleasure, for entertaining friends on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or even, as a serious profession, photography is the most wonderful of pastimes. The photographer is an artist who captures the ordinary and the beautiful alike, and forever preserves views of people, urban places and images of the natural world.…

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