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Lyons Holiday Park’s Scrappage Scheme

Thinking about part exchanging your holiday home, but not sure how much you will be offered in part exchange? Then our scrappage scheme could be just what you are looking for. From now until 2nd March, Lyons Holiday Parks guarantee you a minimum of £4,000 for your old caravan when part exchanged against one of…


How to Enjoy a Great North Wales Holiday on a Budget

North Wales is such a beautiful place, there are mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and plenty of rugged countryside that offers the perfect backdrop to any family holiday. A holiday in North Wales is great for those on a budget because there is so much that you can do for free if you take advantage of the…

25% Off March Holidays

With all this cold weather about, how about something glowing to look forward to! Lyons Holiday Parks are offering 25% off all breaks taken at our Parks between the 8th to 31st March. Choose from Lyons Robin Hood, Lyons Lido Beach, Lyons Winkups, Lyons Oakfield or Lyons Woodlands Hall. All truly unique in their own…


Top Parks in North Wales to Visit for Educational Tours

North Wales offers an impressive selection of parks that are not just beautiful but filled with learning opportunities. They are some of the most interesting places to take children for educational tours. Parks in the region vary wildly in their offerings, which makes it easy to find something suitable for children and adults alike. From…


Exploring North Wales: Snowdonia and Conwy

There is much to explore and see in North Wales, from castles to tiny houses and ancient monuments to breath-taking landscapes. If climbing Snowdon Mountain is not what you are looking for, you may want to start your day in the charming village of Betws y Coed. Snowdonia and the Conwy Valley has something for…


Things to Do in North Wales on A Rainy Day

When the weather is less than ideal, don’t worry – there are plenty of activities to do in North Wales no matter the weather. From trampolining in slate caverns to indoor karting, there is something for everyone. We’ve got ideas aplenty for things to do while keeping dry on a rainy or snowy day. For…


4 Activities to Try Out in Wales This Winter

When temperatures start to freeze, you might be thinking that it is time to lock yourself indoors and experience the long nights. However, that doesn’t have to be the case in North Wales. There is no need to hide away when winter kicks in since there are lots of activities that you can engage in.…

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