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Woodlands 7

Fun Things to do while on Vacation in Northern Wales

North Wales is one of the oldest established tourist regions in Britain. It is well-known for offering fantastic holiday attractions. Despite it being relatively small, it is rich in attractions and is the best destination for anyone to spend their holiday. Most times when you think of somewhere beautiful that you can have a getaway…


Five Must-See Castles of North Wales

Wales has more than its fair share of castles, so if you enjoy stepping back in time, a visit to one of the region’s medieval fortresses will be on your to-do list. There is something magical about touring these ancient buildings – they capture the imagination of young and old alike. With so many to…


Perks Of Owning a Static Caravan in North Wales

Owning a static caravan is quite easy in North Wales. There are more than 3000 caravans in the UK with more and more people choosing to buy their own holiday home. There is a huge selection of caravans from which to pick from. Besides that, thanks to various financing packages, it ensures that anyone can…


A Carefree Holiday or Break in North Wales

If you are looking for a carefree holiday without the hassles of foreign travel, then there is no need to look further than North Wales. It’s an area steeped in history and beauty. The limited distances make it easy to get around, so the journeys are short and you can pack quite a lot into…


Great Places to Photograph in North Wales

North Wales is so incredibly beautiful as the home of such a varied landscape, it is a dream location for budding photographers. If you fancy bringing your camera with you when you head to Lyons Holiday Park for your summer holiday, you are sure to find the perfect backdrop for whatever landscape shots that you…


5 Things to Do On Your Birthday in North Wales

Gone are the days when you would make a plan for your birthday. We become so busy with life that we forget. Sometimes you run out of ideas on what to do and planning for a party may be tiresome. Birthday is a great time to celebrate a milestone with your family and friends. There…


Fun Things to Do While at Your North Wales Lyons Park Holiday Home

North Wales is a favourite tourist destination attracting families, couples, and the young. It is bustling with lots of attractions. These include breath-taking landscapes, pristine beaches, and picnicking sites that will blow you away. There being so much to do and experience, you will need a couple of days to take it all in. Therefore,…

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