5 perfect beach games for all the family

The summer holidays may be over, but if you’ve booked your Prestatyn caravan holiday’s with us then we want you to have the best time possible, regardless of the time of year. So with this in mind, and the fact that you’re so close to some of the best beaches around, we thought we’d give you some great beach games that all the family can play, for all ages. If you needed inspiration for tiring the young ones out, then we’ve got 5 perfect games for you right here! A family playing on the beach near our Lyons Holiday Parks   Sands DartsMake yourself a big darts board in the sand then use the pebbles or shells on the beach as your darts. You can devise your own way of scoring points which is good at helping the younger members of the family with their maths. To make the game as fair as possible older children and adults have to stand further away. Musical TowelsMost people will be aware of the concept of musical chairs but have you ever played it on the beach with towels?! This game is an ideal activity for family members of any age to take part in. Lay down beach towels in a circle as you would for musical chairs and get the music ready! Channel race2 buckets, 2 ping pong balls and two teams of 2 or more players is all you need for this one. Each team makes a channel in the sand of equal size and then put the ping pong ball in the channel at the same end. Players from both team then fill up their buckets with water as fast as they can and pour it into their channel to get their ping pong ball to float from one end of the channel to the other. The team whose gets their ball get to the other end first is declared the winner. Flip-Flop ThrowA very easy game almost anyone can have a go at. Just draw a line in the sand and let everyone have a go at throwing their flip flop as far as they can. The winner is the person who throws their flip flop the furthest, or why not make up a score system and then play over a several rounds to decide on an overall winner? Fill the bucketThis is super game for families who have two or more children or if you are holidaying with friends who also have children. Select two teams and make sure they both have a bucket and a plastic cup. The game starts with the first player from each team running to the sea and filling up their plastic cups. They must then run back and pour the water out of the cup and into their teams bucket. They then pass the cup to the next player in line on their team who does repeats the process. The team to totally fill their bucket with water first wins the game. Image: Mike Baird under Creative Commons.

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